by Nicholas Doubleyou & the B-Squad



the 1st in a series of digital singles released for streaming on the internet.


released July 27, 2011

nick doubleyou: singing, guitars, drums
brad tigwell: basses, programming
brendan hobin: guitars, piano, singing
brock dale: horns, singing
geoff buchanan: trumpet, singing
chantelle stone: singing

Produced, mixed & mastered by brad tigwell.
Recorded at Fanshawe College in London, ON, Canada
Jan. 2011

Cover Photo by Rebecca Leach



all rights reserved


Nicholas Doubleyou Toronto, Ontario

Toronto's starry-eyed underdogs, a rollicking lo-fi punk-soul revue, an undiagnosed anxiety disorder, the sound of children playing louder and faster, an all-out dance party constantly, no remission, old-fashioned self-immolating rock 'n roll. A united wall of youth & fervor. Currently available to play any gala or garage. ... more

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Track Name: "constantinople"
constantinople, that's a place I've never been wide eyed & hopeful, these are lives I'll never live, the curtain is going up let the alligators in, and we'll TRY. & it's the roughest, when you hear those runners shout & I'm not the toughest but I will run those runners out, the curtain's always rising & the audience can't read but we'll TRY. I wrote this song before, I'll probably write it again, same-old-sorry-chords, all letters I can't send, I'm not a captain, I'm just another land-locked fish (& I'm going belly up...)
Track Name: "a crafts & arts song"
I spent alot a time in the park with you, on the brink of nothing new, I spent alot of time all alone in my bed 'cause of things that haven't been said. Natural disasters all around me, I feel my boots straps caving in, supercomputers up above me, trying to save us from the mess we're in. You conquered space & time (hey now!) with nothing but the hammer in your hand now I'm in this city & I can't stand. We spent alota time searching for the wires we've been shown, using paper legs to carry ourselves home. I KILLED MYSELF IN COLORADO, waiting for the knock me down & I got saved in st. toronto, by finger-paints & stormy clouds. I spent alot of time wrestling with my mind under streetlights, drinking drugs writing unfinished stories about giving up. 2000 miles left to travel, only 1 thread left to sew, it's so easy to get unravelled but it's easier to let you go.